I am a postdoctoral researcher in Computer Graphics. I study photorealistic and physically based rendering. I work at EPFL in Switzerland under the supervision of Wenzel Jakob and Nicolas Holzschuch. I received a PhD in Computer Graphics at the University of Grenoble in 2018, where I was working under the supervision of Fabrice Neyret.

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I am looking for a position in Computer Graphics (rendering, geometry, etc.) starting from 2020, in the area of Lyon / Geneva / Grenoble. Feel free to contact me!


Differentiable path tracing

Our paper Reparameterizing Discontinuous Integrands for Differentiable Rendering has been accepted to Siggraph Asia 2019 and will be available soon.

Appearance-preserving volume downsampling

Our paper A new microflake model with microscopic self-shadowing for accurate volume downsampling has been presented at Eurographics 2018. It has won the best paper award.

Hybrid mesh-volume LODs

Our paper Hybrid mesh-volume LoDs for all-scale pre-filtering of complex 3D assets has been presented at Eurographics 2017.

PhD dissertation

My PhD dissertation about level-of-detail representations for rendering is available at the following link: Efficient models for representing sub-pixel appearances.

Personal projects

A few thoughts about the red-eye effect in flash photography: Flash, red eyes and yellow eyes.

About the history of aspect ratio in the film industry: Statistiques sur les ratios de cadre.

About polarization: Circular polarization and 3D glasses.

A few thoughts about the game Universal Paperclips: Strategic modeling in Universal Paperclips.

A 3D model of the medieval city of Carcassonne: Carcassonne 3D model.

All my personal projects and photos can be found on my blog.